Thursday, July 14, 2016

Are Cot Bumpers Protected To Use In My Child's Cot?

Cot bumpers are usually bought by parents as part of coordinated bedding set. The look pretty in the cot, cushion baby against bumps and hold out draughts. Within the UK there may be plenty of confusion over whether they're safe or not and for what age group they are appropriate for.

Many health authorities, together with the NHS and the Royal School of Common Practitioners, recommend that cot bumpers should not be used. This is due to the following reasons:

? by proscribing the circulation of recent air out and in of the cot, they may contribute to overheating and re-respiration of exhaled air.

? Identical to a pillow or thick blanket, cot bumpers can restrict a child's respiratory if they arrive into contact with their nostril and mouth.

? The ties used to attach bumpers to the cot can cause accidents if they're pulled free.

? Older infants might use bumpers as an aid to climb out of the cot.

Overheating, re-respiration of exhaled air and lack of oxygen are all risk factors which have been associated with SIDS (cot death).

A 2007 research revealed in the Journal of Pediatrics found that 27 toddler deaths had been immediately attributable to cot bumpers in the US over a 20 year interval. Of the 27 deaths, eleven infants suffocated when their face was found in shut contact with the padding, 13 died after being wedged between the bumper and one other object and three have been strangled by a bumper tie.

What's worrying about the study is that the info used consists of deaths reported to the US Consumer Product Security Fee voluntarily. Therefore the actual number of deaths attributable to cot bumpers is likely to be significantly larger.

In addition, Health Canada report that 23 incidents involving bumpers were reported to them over a 15 year interval. In France a cot bumper was recalled in 2006 after a 9 month outdated baby died on account of strangulation by one of the cords.

The most secure choice is to have a naked cot. Nonetheless, many dad and mom find that their infants get their arms and legs stuck between the cot bars and lose dummies by way of the gaps. Breathable bumpers, constructed from padded mesh, are a great compromise.

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